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India has produced great thinkers and social leaders who by their revolutionary and path breaking thoughts and actions, have left a lasting impact not only on India, but on the world as a whole. They have developed indigenous ideas and have provided cultural and ethical identity to India. There is a great need to acquaint the teachers and students with their thinking and work and to involve them in studies, research and field work based extension service programmes of constructive work.

The Indian University system owes to the nation to conduct studies, research and extension programmes, which are pertinent and apply their ideas in the reconstruction of society on moral, ethical and spiritual foundations necessary for a non-violent social order.
The ideas of Indian social thinkers have an interrelated framework mutually supportive to each other. In line of this framework of ideas the University Grants Commission (UGC) started the scheme of the ‘Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India’ and sanctioned various Centres in the Universities/Colleges during the X plan period.


The UGC extended financial assistance under this scheme to the Universities/Colleges for pursuing studies related to the thoughts and programmes of these social thinkers. Under the same plan Vidyant College got an opportunity to establish a Centre, i.e., ‘Dr. Ambedkar Studies Centre’. Since its inception in October, 2010, this Centre is attempting to explore the central concern of Dr. BR Ambedkar’s thought, i.e., the idea of social justice, through organizing public lectures, symposia, seminar, interactive programmes and field action activities.

The Centre has completed its first successful year, i.e., 2010-11. It has developed a well equipped infrastructure of its own along with a library containing series, books, periodicals and journals, and trying to establish itself as a Resource Centre on the theme of Social Justice to provide consultancy services to the academia, policy makers, social activists and Research Scholars.