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Under the Patronship of Vidyant Educational Trust, this College is administered by a Managing Committee comprising following officials :

President Dr. G K Chakravorty
Vice President Sri. TK Roychoudhary
Manager / Secretary Sri. Shivashish Ghosh
Deputy Manager/Secretary Sri. Pankaj Bhattacharya
Members Sri. PC Biswas
  Sri. Sunil Dutta
  Sri. PC Bhattacharya
  Dr. (Smt) Suchitra Mishra
  Dr. (Smt) Ritu Ghosh
  Sri. Sthabir Sarkar
  Sri. Sandeep Mohanto
Principal (Ex-Officio) Dr. Dharam Kaur

As per the First Statute of the University of Lucknow, to which College is associated, the Managing Committee has the power to nominate four members from the teaching faculty in order to their seniority, one member from class III and one from class IV employees who shall represent the teaching faculty and non-teaching classes respectively, in the Managing Committee.
In addition to this, there is a provision to constitute various Committees to run different activities of the College.