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Dr. Dharam Kaur M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Principal Political Thought
(Indian and Western)
Department – Ancient Indian History
Dr. Alok Bharadwaj M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Assistant Professor Political Thought in Ancient India, Buddhism
Dr. Narendra Singh M.A., Ph.D Assistant Professor Ancient Indian Culture, Buddhism
Department – Anthropology
Dr. Neetu Singh M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor Social Anthropology
Dr. Shubhria Sharma M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor
(Part Time)
Physical Anthropology
Department – Arab Culture
Post Vacant - - -
Department – Economics
Sri. R.K Mishra M.A Associate Professor Public Finance, Indian Economy
Dr. Mamta Rani Bhatnagar M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Indian Economy, International Economy
Sri. Manish Srivastava M.A Assistant Professor Indian Economy, Monetary Economics manishSri.
Department – Education
Dr. Savitri Taragi MSc, M.Ed, Ph.D Associate Professor Student Discipline and Indiscipline, Personality and Mental Ability
Post Vacant - - -
Department – English
Dr. Geeta Kapil M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Indian Writing in English
Dr. Mamta Bajpai M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Associate Professor Romantic Poetry, William Wordsworth
Post Vacant - - -
Post Vacant - - -
Department - Hindi
Dr. B.K. Srivastava M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Civilizational Criticism
Dr. Ram Shankar M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Modern Poetry
Dr. Surabhi Shukla M.A, Ph.D Asstt. Professor Modern Poetry -
Post Vacant - - -
Department – History & Asian Culture
Dr. A.K Singh M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Economic History of India
Dr. Amit Vardhan M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Socio-economic History of India
Dr. Usha Devi M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor Indian Medieval History
Post Vacant - - -
Dr. Anit Srivastava M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor
(Self Finance)
History of Medieval India
(Political and Administrative)
Dr. Rakesh Kumar M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor
(Self Finance)
History of Modern India
Department – Political Science
Dr. Prabha Gautam M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Associate Professor Political Parties
Dr. Arshi Parveen M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Social Justice
Dr. Brijendra Pandey M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Political Philosophy
Dr. Dileep Kumar Agnihotri M.A, Ph.D,PGDJ Associate Professor Constitution and International Politics
Department – Sanskrit
Dr. Vijay Kumar Karn M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor KavyaShastra, Sahitya
Dr. Vibha Jauhari M.A, Ph.D Associate Professor Sanskrit Literature
Department - Social Work
Dr. Saurabh Paliwal MSW, Ph.D Assistant Professor
(Part Time)
Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
Department – Sociology
Sri. Vijay Kumar M.A, M.Phil Associate Professor Rural Sociology
Dr. D.K Tripathi M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor Research Methodology, Rural Sociology
Dr. Neelima Tripathi M.A, Ph.D Assistant Professor
(Part Time)
Rural and Urban Sociology
Department – Physical Education
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor Physical Education
Department – Urdu
Post Vacant - - -