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National Service Scheme has become almost a part of the curriculum of Country’s educational realm. National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, popularly known as NSS was launched in Gandhiji’s birth centenary year 1969 with the primary focus on the development of personality of students through Community Service.

From its inception, more than 3.5 crores students from Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher learning have benefited from the NSS activities, as student volunteers.

The motto of NSS is NOT ME BUT YOU. This reflects the essence of community life and upholds the need for selfless service. NSS stipulates that the welfare of an individual ultimately depends on the welfare of the society as a whole.

Feeling its indispensability and scope, there are three units of NSS in the College. Each unit of 100 cadets runs in the guidance of a Programme Officer. Our camps are held in nearby villages where attempts are made to bring cadets face to face with the villagers.


A seven days Annual Camp Programme of NSS units has become an annual festival for both, the cadets as well as the villagers with whom these cadets interact. Educational Drives, Cleanliness Campaigns, Health Awareness Drives and Environmental Awareness Drives are actively taken up by our volunteers.

Activities of our NSS team revolve around these lines. Sticking to the aims and goals of NSS, we organize Rallies, Poster Competitions, Lectures, and Slogan Writing Campaign etc. Our NSS Units jointly participated in all the activities conducted by NSS, University of Lucknow.

From time to time cadets participate in various Awareness Programmes run by the Government. These programmes mainly cover spheres of Education and Social Reforms; Health, Hygiene and Population Awareness; and National Integration.